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A normal behavior in children depends on the child's age, personality, and physical and emotional development.


Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD)

Conduct disorder

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

What causes behavior problems in Kids?

Children with behavior problems are more likely than other children to have a family history of behavior problems, mood problems, or substance abuse. Sometimes if care giving is poor, supervision is lacking, or there is family discord or exposure to violence, children will respond by developing the symptoms of ODD. Having a mother with untreated depression also makes children more likely to have ODD. Both ODD and CD are associated with harsh parenting practices.[1]

Aggression in Kids:

Aggression can be a symptom of many different underlying problems. The way you handle aggression with your kid can change from their age to age or stage to stage.

Causes of Aggression in Children:


Extreme frustration or anger

Inadequate speech development

Genetic and/or temperamental influences

Ongoing and unrelieved stress

Here are some tips to deal with your kid's aggression:

Be Consistent

Give time outs

Coordinate with other caregivers

Appreciate Your Child

Discuss In An Appropriate Manner

Monitor The Influence Of Friends

Habits in Children

Parents find many habits and behaviors of their children annoying. When you want to change an unwanted behavior, Or to teach a good and healthy habit, it helps to first understand why your child is doing it.

There are different types of sucking kids might do during their infancy and childhood. For example, Thumb and finger sucking typically starts in the first few months of life. Where, parents has to start here to break bad habits and teach good habits.

Parents responsibilities are

To teach good habits at home

To teach good habits for school

To deal with the bad habits

To teach healthy eating habits

Know more about dealing with bad habits and teaching good habits for your kid at Good & Bad Habits In Kids


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