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Children's Food

It's very important for kids to get enough nutritions in their daily diets.

Best Iron Rich Foods For Children

Leafy Green Vegetables


Iron-fortified breakfast cereals


Citrus Fruits

Dried Fruits And Seeds

Enriched grains

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Children's Education

Creative education is very important for kids these days. Children's future success and the country's, depends on the creative education they receive in school. What is Parents contribution towards their kids creative education?

  • When choosing a preschool or daycare facility, look for one that offers children a balance of activities
  • The class should be given plenty of choices about what to do next, rather than have the teacher direct every activity
  • Limit screen time to one to two hours a day
  • Encourage reading habit
  • Take a look at handwriting
  • Read to your kids some interesting classic stories

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Children and Stories

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Children's Development

Rapid growth of a children’s height as well as weight occurs till they attain two years of age. The growth does not stop after that, rather it may slow down.

A child at 2 years of age, can able to hold the spoon and also can feed herself/himself.

A child at 3 years of age, can able to ride tricycle.

A child at 4 years of age, Ready to join in a preschool.

A child at 5 years of age, can ride a cycle and can dress herself/himself.

A child at 6 years of age, can jump,ride bicycle, jump the skipping rope.

A child at 9 years of age, can start playing cricket,throw ball etc.

A child at 12 years of age, puberty age starts.

After 12 years of age, children growth will be different from each other.

By the end of their preschool, children would start to lose their temporary teeth, commonly known as milk teeth.

Children's Safety

It is advisable to fit smoke alarms in every room

Supervise Kids In The Kitchen

Do not use any overloading electrical sockets

Teach your kids to be gentle with the pet and refrain from playing rough games with the pet

Unplug Electrical Devices

Keep All Cleaning Products and Detergents Away from children

Children's Health

Healthy Habits For Kids:

Should have a regular routine of breakfast-lunch-dinner

Washing hands before eating

Take bathe twice in a day

Read every day

Playing out door as well as indoor games

Regular exercises

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Children's Behavior

Normal behavior for a child

Normal or "good" behavior[1]: is usually determined by whether it's socially, culturally and developmentally appropriate.

Abnormal behavior for a child

A child's behavior may be a problem if it doesn't match the expectations of the family or if it is disruptive.

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Children's Play & Activities

Play is the real entertainment of childhood. It is not just letting your kids to have fun in leisure time, but also they're actually developing crucial life skills during that time. Here are some of the benefits of playing games for kids.

Benefits of playing Games for Kids:

Play promotes communication and social skills

Play builds the imagination

Improves healthy relationships and friendships with other kids

Improves patience and perseverance

Relieve stress and Stimulate the mind and boost creativity

Keep your child feeling energetic and also Improve brain function

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